Travertine Restoration

Travertine is a special type of limestone that has been used as a building material since the time of the romans. For flooring, countertops, and more, travertine limestone is an increasingly popular option in the Universal City, TX area.

If your travertine has suffered some damage, or wear and tear, come to us for reliable travertine restoration. Our travertine restoration abilities are reliable and affordable. We can fix those cracks and holes that are starting to show in your countertop, leaving it sturdier, and more impressive, than ever. We also offer travertine polishing, so your travertine can truly impress. Travertine is one of the most precious stones for your home’s architecture; make sure you are getting your money’s worth and making a statement with our stone restoration services.

For more information on all of our stone, travertine, and marble restoration options, contact us today at Travertine Doctors in Universal City, TX.